The Peanut Factory is a 1932 peanut processing mill that was donated to Preservation North Carolina in 2010. Hurricane roof damage in 2003 was left unrepaired, causing further damage over time. The building was then open to squatters, scavengers and curious children, also bobcats, mice, and other animals. By 2012 the central portion of the 20,000 square foot structure threatened to collapse into a nearby power line, so the building was offered for free to anyone who could stabilize it. It was a perfect project for Lincoln Adams– a carpenter/builder and fire safety inspector, and Julia Townsend — a community-minded artist and passionate educator. ‘Visionary’ also describes us, as most people could not see beyond the roof leaks, broken windows, overgrowth and pigeon dung.

An aerial view of the property circa 1959. The three warehouses near the building are no longer part of the property; the one on the extreme left is no longer standing. The field across the street has been replaced by a little league baseball park called ‘Fisher Field’ for the name of the last company that milled peanuts here, up until 1975.