Artists in Residence

We offer a unique residency experience here at The Peanut Factory. Artists and writers can work, create an installation, and lead a workshop in an original peanut processing mill which has been refurbished, leaving a lot of space for expression, while maintaining the building’s integrity.

The Spruill Farm Conservation Project, which is located 25 minutes away in Roper, Washington County, is also owned and managed by The Peanut Factory, Inc. Your residency may include research at the 110 acre farm, with trails and shoreline. is being updated in 2024 and Facebook/spruillfarmconservationproject has many photos.

The Artists in Residency program is expanding in 2024. Feel free to introduce yourself with any links of your work – visual arts or other fields – and explain your interests and goals. We will respond as soon as possible with further details about the residency.

Our past residents include:


Diane Thiel (Poet-in-Residence)

Dan Gottlieb


Jeff Schofield

Nora Hartlaub Manteo


Kitty Johnson

2020 (virtual residency)

Marcelo Guimaraes Lima from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tiffany Danielle Elliott from Seattle, Washington

Ripley Whiteside from Nashville, Tennessee


Jeff Shofield

Ashley Beatty

Jetshri Bhadviya

Ed Allen (Visiting Artist / Volunteer)

Toma Gabor (Visiting Artist)

Ana Tolvai (Visiting Artist)


Jetshri Bhadviya

Catja de Haas


Robin Tedesco


Matt Shane


MJ Sharp